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It also tells if you have good communication skills. Who will you bond well with? How intelligent are you?

Jessica Adams: Psychic Astrologer. Astrology & Horoscopes

Are you good at manipulating other people? Will you be a famous Rockstar or known for what you do? Palmistry is often looked at in the same way as tarot.

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It is a pseudoscience and cannot be taken literally every single time. Sometimes, you will have a palmist give two people with the same type of hand a different reading. Are they only using the lines of the hand in their psychic reading or using their psychic gifts as well? This all depends on the psychic reader that you are choosing to work with. Psychics will often offer a clairvoyant reading via clairvoyance, tarot, by hand and astrological chart. In order to find a psychic that reads hands, you will have to find one either on your local neighborhood or in an online video psychic chat room.

It is becoming more common to get a psychic reading via webcam because its easier to connect with someone on the internet.

How To Get An Accurate Astrology Reading

Most hand readings are done on demand via the world wide web. The Palmist will often ask to see your left or right hand and begin reading the lines on your hand. This is an amazing experience for anyone searching for truth regarding their life. It is said that palm readings were popular and then slowly died out for several centuries because of the Catholic church opposing witchcraft and sorcery.

Today, people have a mindset that they want to learn more about their spirituality. The world is more open minded to learn new concepts and to bring old teachings back without fearing being killed for what they believe in. This book has pages and is jam packed with information. You only need to use the palms of your hands. This is a short book at only pages. The author does workshops and broadcasts. This book will help you to learn more about how the lines of your hand relate to your love and money future.

There are many lines on your hand that have a deep meaning. The lifeline is between the thumb and index finger. It flows descendant to the wrist.

Here’s How to Read Your Horoscope THE RIGHT WAY

If these lines are in a descending position, your experiencing deprived emotional satisfaction in life. You can improve this by working in your 7 chakras for healing by meditation. These problems may include love troubles, lack of money, feeling like a failure and much more. Sometimes we are our own worst critics in life. Believe it or not, most people say that their divided line is truthful because its often how they feel about themselves.

The good news is that even though you may see trouble in your future through your palm reading, it can always be changed. You are often a person that has many dreams or often feels confused because you want to do so many different things in life. You may not be happy about many of them. You will experience travel in your life and a certain sense of happiness from time to time. You demand it.

Do You Believe in Astrology? Ask Deepak Chopra!

These lines are important because we often become like those that surround us. If we feel a sense of sadness in life, we may often feel like we need to find something that makes us happier. We all need something to get us up in the morning. In Chinese astrology, it is believed that our hand has seven mounts on it. They are between outer and inner Mars.

You are a dependable person. Everyone looks up to you. It shows whether you are thinking about your career or not. A strong Jupiter means that you have lots of interest in moving ahead in your life. This has a lot to do with who you are as a person and if you are trustworthy. A strong mercury shows that you have a lot to offer. A strong Luna will show that you love to create. Venus can predict who you will be in 10 years to come.

Will you be alone or have a lover? A high amount of courage teaches us that we can be a lot stronger than we think we are. Have you ever wondered why people have big hands and small hands? Finger palmistry predicts your personality. It tells us who you are as a person and what your expectations of life are going to be. Your fingernails will predict how fortunate you are in life. When you rest your hand on the table, do your fingers spread apart naturally? This means that you are someone that wants to have independence.

You want to continue down a good living path.

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This means that you have to much stress and things on your mind. Everything around you is making you feel nervous. Sun Sign — This is the sign the sun was situated in at the time of your birth. Your sun sign gives you clues to your conscious mind, your ego and how you show up in the world.

It is associated with masculine energy. Planet Positions — Along with the sun, which is a star, not a planet, you will also find a lot of useful information looking at the natal positions of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. This is because on certain days the moon can move between two signs. This is the sign the moon was situated in at the time of your birth. Your moon sign represents your feelings and deep inner emotions. It is associated with feminine energy.

Understanding the sun sign and the planet positions can go a long way in getting an accurate astrology reading. If you have a good idea not guessing that you were born between a specific time frame like am and Noon, you can get a higher level of accuracy within a reading. In most cases you can find out the Ascendant sign, but not the specific degree. You could cast charts for both time frames and look at what changes between both of them. All of these pieces are what makes for a basic accurate astrology reading.

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Are Newspaper Horoscopes Accurate?

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