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Hot dates include April 5 and October High hopes for settling down start in early February and intensify all the way through to late November, so big plans can be made. In-between, let Venus coach you to be less demanding and more equal-minded — there are more ways to a happy heart than just your way. The best time to talk and listen about tricky subjects is June, and Neptune fulfils secret fantasies all summer and autumn. Mars gives relationships a wake-up call from the beginning of A full moon in your creative zone means you express love in standout ways and venture deeper into your heart.

Reframing conflict as a positive draws a partner back to you, and Jupiter is your guide all year, helping you see what you truly need. The first few weeks of see you stop fixating on luxury and image, and work out what and who you really want. Mars makes mid-August to early October your time to be more playful and take risks. Two solar eclipses start and end , meaning you will be able to focus on getting what you want. Plus, it helps you ask for more practical love in July and October. Walks, a hobby and last-minute tickets earn top passion points.

Making your mark in a group could see you loved-up in the first two months, so get out there and strut your stuff. Spas, racing events and a TV studio are all lucky. Moon magic on June 3 and the eclipse on December 26 open your heart to an unlikely hero, and someone you loved returns between June and November. Mars energises you in March and April, so your sex drive is off the scale.

An emotional full moon on June 17 marks a turning point, but be alert to mischief that can stir up jealousy. December 20 takes you on a journey. By the time it returns on November 1, your partnership can be transformed. Subtle everyday changes take you forward faster than a major overhaul, and you can talk without blame when the full moon inspires you in January and February.

As Mars welcomes the year in your success zone, the help of try-anything Uranus encourages you to stop settling for less respect or romance than you want. By May 15 your heart will be on the adventure of a lifetime. You seize between-the-sheets initiative during May and June. Special dates are October 28 and December 12, and locations include a USA-themed bar, charity shops and a rail service. Peace and stability rule your chart in January, and once partnership planet Venus sets to work, February becomes a time for couples to get closer.

Venus visits your love chart twice in , cementing a framework of support to get unspoken issues into words and resolved as a couple. A time when one partner has felt overwhelmed or overworked is ending. September and October are the best time to plan a move or change of family size. Venus circles March and late December as your markers for forever love. Other clues include comedy shows, the races and a name written in the sand.

A partner responds warmly, and by mid-May, Venus is checking your shared diaries. In July and August, trying something totally different together unlocks a new love level, and November 1 favours spontaneous surprises.

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The steady progress of Pluto and Saturn through your chart demonstrates you are prepared to put the work into love and not be distracted. A moon of decisions on March 6 turns a page and you love completely. Two-way giving links to time, energy and understanding. Believe only the best of a partner, passion and yourself. Independent-minded Uranus reworks your transformation zone to show you can be who you want, when you want. This includes trying different ways to find and develop passion.

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  4. Writing or speaking about yourself is your go-to in April and November, while letting family or friends make introductions works well in the summer and December. After August 11, your love journey is full of delicious twists and turns thanks to Uranus, the ideas planet. Love-finders are L-shaped rooms, a restaurant with a piano and a place where flags fly. Make up your mind about love for life and your heart will follow. Who Is Corey Ballentine? Who Is Lawrence Ray? And Mrs. Who Is Erin Heatherton? Who Is Phillipa Coan? Who Killed Ted Jones? Who Is Bobby Beausoleil? Who Is Laura Amero?

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    Our patrons this week will get a special extension where Dan and Scarlet dive deep into the big aspects in each of their charts. By joining the Patreon, you will get our special feed that provides the most personal and uncensored information straight from the hosts! Check us out at Patreon. Yesterday, communication planet Mercury moved out of the cardinal Air sign of Libra and entered into the fixed Water sign of Scorpio. So for the next two or so months, your speech, thoughts, and communication will have a darker and more intense flavor to them. Scorpio is the detective of the zodiac that seeks to shine light on the depths of the human shadow, so with Mercury entering Scorpio this week and stationing retrograde in late Scorpio on Halloween, October, November, and early December will all have our minds exploring the unseen and the unknown sides of our existence.

    This is a good time to walk towards the fear, rather than away from it, to uncover the truth. Pluto is an outer planet of destruction and evolution, and everything he comes in contact with gets a dose of real, raw truth. The death and rebirth motif is prominent with Pluto transits and chart placements, and the death of any system, structure, or habit can cause some distress. For all of us, the January conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn will highlight this clash between Saturnian structure and explosive Plutonic re-structuring After starting off spooky season with the moon in Scorpio, today we have the moon in big picture Sagittarius.

    Last Saturday was our Libra new moon, and since then, you may have caught a glimpse of the sliver of the waxing crescent moon setting in the west just as the sun sets. Today and tomorrow would be great days to do visualization work and write out your goals. Whatever your dreams may be, use this Sagittarius moon to fire yourself up and think big!

    Today we have the moon in spooky Scorpio and a square happening between love planet Venus and outer planet Pluto. This aspect can bring your relationships into a power struggle today as intensity and the shadow come to the surface. Money and finances could be affected by this as well, as Venus rules money, so be aware of any conflict or power plays related to finances.

    Being in her home sign of Libra, Venus should be able to handle these difficulties relatively well, but try to flow with the forces of transformation today instead of fighting against them. If you allow truth, power, and intensity to affect your relationships without resistance, Pluto can be your friend instead of your enemy. Derek just released his newest book "Love Chaos in Theory and Practice," where he shares his personal philosophy that embraces love, uncertainty, change and doubt in relation to spirituality, magick, and life in general. We talk about Derek's early life, his journey into developing Love Chaos, agnosticism and atheism, and ideas of how this relates to the occult.