13 december horoscope for aquarius


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There are only two planets, excluding the Moon whose effects are temporary , in stressful alignment with you after the 9th.

Zodiac Signs April 18

So, health is relatively good. The planetary power is now almost all in the Eastern sector of the chart and personal independence is strong.

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You can have your way in life now — but you still need clarity on what your way is. Uranus is still moving backward. The solar eclipse of the 26th occurs in your 12th house of spirituality, the third eclipse of the year in that house.

So there are more spiritual changes happening — and good ones. Often these changes happen because of interior revelation and not because of disaster.

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When a new revelation happens it is normal to change the practice and teaching. But sometimes it happens because of a shocking event — a loving tap from above. Gurus and guru figures have personal dramas. And, since Jupiter is impacted by this eclipse, your high-tech equipment — computers, software and gadgetry — gets tested.

Aquarius December 12222 Horoscope

There are dramas in the lives of friends and friendships get tested. And, as we saw in January and July, the marriage or current relationship gets tested again. If your relationship has survived the eclipses of January and July, it will survive this one too. Could you lead a simpler and less materialistic life? You could, and you should.

Decan 1 Aquarius Horoscope October 12222

You may need to make a tactical retreat today, especially if you find yourself at odds with someone who is clearly out of your league in terms of power and influence. Make sure everyone understands you perfectly before moving on. This might though be a good time to seek expert advice about your finances — but only if you are prepared to act on it. Take advantage of an opportunity that someone else has missed and make yourself some money.

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If someone attacks your reputation today you must defend yourself. If you let them get away with saying things about you that are not true it will encourage them to be even more reckless in the future. Hit back quick and hit back hard.

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Even Cancer has an off day now and again. Stay calm and think positively at all times, especially when dealing with domestic upheavals. The thing to remember is that nothing has been decided yet — a lot still depends on how willing partners and loved ones are to adapt.